BIS-P Polyester

An ETA Assessed rapid cure, styrene free, non-sag, Polyester Injection Adhesive for MEDIUM LOADS. Suitable for Threaded Rods in non-cracked concrete and solid or hollow masonry.

  • ETA Assessed for Threaded Rods M8 - M24
    in non-cracked concrete
  • ETA Assessed for Threaded Rods M8 - M16
    in solid or hollow masonry
  • For Dry, Wet & Flooded Holes
  • VOC Rating A+
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Good Performance at low temperatures
  • Styrene Free
  • B+BTEC DesignFix® Support


Part Nr. Description EAN Qty/Box
3.240.410 BIS-P 420 ml 8714345148526 12
3.200.003 BIS-P Mixer 8714345148892 100

Specification Data

Dispensers Accessories Test Equipment

Manual, Battery operated & Pneumatic
Dispensing Tools for B+BTec BIS Injection Adhesives.

For Bore Hole Roughening and Cleaning,
Mixers and Sleeves.

For load testing of installed Threaded Rods
and Rebar Dowels


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