A Revolutionary New SDS-Max Hammer Drilling System for Wet Use

B+BTec introduces a game changing, patented, Carbide Hammer Drilling System that offers unparalleled Drilling Speed, Increased Bit Life & Substantial Cost Savings when compared to conventional hammer drilling methods. The FlushSpeed® PRO SDS-Max Hammer Drilling System uses coolant water to achieve very high penetrating rates while maintaining a limited degree of carbide wear.

The FlushSpeed® PRO System features Easy Change Carbide Tips
that are fitted onto 8" or 16" Drilling Shafts and can be used with regular SDS-Max Rotary Hammers. For greater drilling depths the system includes 12" extension rods. The Exchangeable Carbide Tip Diameters range from
Ø" up to Ø 1 ⅜", making the FlushSpeed® PRO System highly suited for Anchoring & Rebar Doweling Applications.


  • Silica Dust Free
    No Expensive HEPA vacuum required
  • 2 x Faster Drilling, 4 x Longer Bit Life
  • Clean Bore Holes
  • Ideal for Deep Anchor Holes
    and Rebar Doweling
  • Substantial Cost Savings
  • Operator Friendly
  • Fits Standard SDS-Max
    Rotary Hammers
"Job done in no time..."

We got the opportunity to try out the brand new B+BTec
FlushSpeed® Wet Hammer Bits on a project where we had
to drill hundreds of starter bar holes.

The FlushSpeed® wet hammer bits got the job done, ahead of schedule and at far lower costs when compared to our
regular hammer bits.


  "So much Easier..." just drill the hole in one go.
No more pulling back the bit time
after time to retrieve drill dust.

The FlushSpeed® bits make our
job so much easier.


SDS-Max Water Injection Head

Complete with hose and water valve.
Fits Standard SDS-Max Rotary Hammers.

Recommended Rotary Hammer:
Appr.   8J for Bit Diameters Ø" - 1" mm
Appr. 12J for Bit Diameters Ø ⅞" - 1 ⅜"mm

[A] SDS-Max Water Injection Head
Part Nr. 2.100.086
EAN: 8714345176598



[B] M18 for Injection Head/Shaft
Part Nr. 2.100.151
EAN: 8714345214009
[C] M10 for Hammer Tips 5/8"
Part Nr. 2.100.082
EAN: 8714345176550
[D] M14 for Hammer Tips 3/4" - 1"
Part Nr. 2.100.084
EAN: 8714345176574
[E] M18 for Hammer Tips 1 1/8" - 1 3/8"
Part Nr. 2.100.081
EAN: 8714345176543

  Drilling Shafts  
[F] Drilling Shafts 5/8"
Length 8"
Part Nr. 2.100.240
EAN: 8714345197272
Length 16"
Part Nr. 2.100.080
EAN: 8714345176536
[G] Drilling Shafts 3/4" - 1"
Length 8"
Part Nr. 2.100.241
EAN: 8714345197289
Length 16"
Part Nr. 2.100.083
EAN: 8714345176567
[H] Drilling Shafts 1 1/8" - 1 3/8"
Length 8"
Part Nr. 2.100.242
EAN: 8714345197296
Length 16"
Part Nr. 2.100.085
EAN: 8714345176581
  Extension Rods    

Extension Rod for greater drilling depths. Ideal for deep anchor holes
and rebar doweling applications.

Length 12". Multiple Rods can be coupled for even greater depths.

[I] Extension Rod 5/8"
Part Nr. 2.100.140
EAN: 8714345214153
[J] Extension Rod 3/4" - 1"
Part Nr. 2.100.141
EAN: 8714345214160
[K] Extension Rod 1 1/8" - 1 3/8"
Part Nr. 2.100.142
EAN: 8714345214177
  Carbide Hammer Tips

Easy Change Carbide Hammer Tips for the use with the
FlushSpeed® PRO Wet Hammer Drilling System.




[L] Hammer Tips 5/8"
Part Nr. 2.100.143
EAN: 8714345217628
[L] Hammer Tips 3/4"
Part Nr. 2.100.144
EAN: 8714345217635
[L] Hammer Tips 7/8"
Part Nr. 2.100.145
EAN: 8714345217642
[L] Hammer Tips 1"
Part Nr. 2.100.146
EAN: 8714345217659
[L] Hammer Tips 1 1/8"
Part Nr. 2.100.147
EAN: 8714345217666
[L] Hammer Tips 1 1/4"
Part Nr. 2.100.148
EAN: 8714345217673
[L] Hammer Tips 1 3/8"
Part Nr. 2.100.149
EAN: 8714345217680
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